From her new position, she gave her all to ensure that the people of Galatea lived peaceful lives and put in years of hard work to reform its farming practices. Ooohhhh my goodness! Each became known for making surprise visits to the estate of the other, in order to deliver the latest taunting in a friendly but relentless game of one-upmanship. And in turn, she is one of the few women Sylvain really respects right away. ”( If Ingrid and Sylvain are in A support and eat together, she will say this in my game. Ingrid is one of my favorite characters (and Best Girl who I totally married). It is said that he never regretted it, as he was only fulfilling a promise that he made to his beloved wife a long time ago. I think I've found my answer. Complete collection of all available endings for every character in Fire Emblem Three Houses So, which route his best for our selective boy? Of course, you can assume she becomes a knight, just like any ending that isn't explicit, if you wish. Note: Thank you to Coren024 for sending me a link to all the endings. Looking forward to Hilda! They are both normal, stable people, so... there have been worse patch-ups. I still think they should have had supports actually tackling Sylvain's philandering ways more and getting to the crux of the problem, but ultimately, I do not think it was necessary. Both endings are not bad. I think their fans want both Sylvain and Ingrid to realize their dream. Ingrid - Stalwart Knight (Azure Moon route). They may be at odds, but ultimately he's still very important to her. He actually ended up being one of my favourite characters. On the other hand, I think Sylvain is a weaker pairing option for all his A support options. I'm pretty similar to that regard, so I understand. Dude, I just found your series, and it’s amazing! Either way, its certainly an interesting ending for her. You can make friends easily, but to feel like you can find someone who just truly understands the core of you, who makes your heart flutter or your smile brighten just a little bit more. Syvlain is a guy who inherently doesn't trust a lot of people, and doesn't form many interpersonal relationships. Tenacity vs Guidance. I love this pair. "...wisdom and guidance brought prosperity to the people.". However, I cannot ignore that failing to become a knight just isn't her happiest ending. Her request was granted, and she was appointed to rule. Though Ingrid provided counsel to the archbishop as his wife, she also earned renown as a Holy Knight of Seiros. BUT DAMMIT, I LOVE HER AND SYLVAIN TOGETHER *slams fist on table*, I honestly wasn't all that crazy about Ingrid marrying Claude either but damn, the Ending itself has me deceased. From that day forward, they served together as partners, fighting together side by side to make their mark on the history of Faerghus. Even after all these years, I aspire to be the type of knight that he embodied. I didn’t realize Ingrid had so many route-differing pairings, but it does make sense with the importance she places on loyalty to home and king. Remember, I do not subscribe to the idea for Ingrid that she needs a man to make her happy, and her normal ending has her never taking a husband. Together, they are able to restore her territory. It’s a brilliant idea, and your analysis is breathtaking! That final support where he's basically tripping over himself trying to find a way to compliment Ingrid without sounding like his usual flirty self was equal parts funny and adorable. "Since she stayed in her homeland, she never left her father behind, and is still on the path to become a knight, which eventually comes into reality as Byleth's husband.". Haha. This fits them much better then the BL ending but is still unsatisfying for me. Just... a divine ending. H: Claude: I don't like the paired ending. The use of the word 'Tenacity' followed by 'ensured (they would) prosper' suggests that Ingrid did take up the role of a Knight and actively defended the people. Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Class for each Character – FE3H tier list In this page, we will guide you the best Job Class for each Character in Fire Emblem Three Houses. I thought they had superb romantic chemistry. Fandom: Fire Emblem Three Houses. Let's look at them again: CD/SS/CF- "Now that I have parted ways with my father, there is nothing stopping me from pursing my dream", BL- "Now that this war has begun, my father has allowed me to fight for my homeland.". And I found no alternative ending for other routes either. volume_up. She hides her insecurities, he hides his distrust, and together, they both overcome them. However, because of Sylvain's low ability to connect with people deeply, I would say that those are secondary to the happiness he obtains with just being with Byleth. The only think I don't like about this ending is the focus on Sylvain. Tenacity implies Ingrid took a more active role while Mercedes chose to use more oversight. These supports man, I can't even.... C-B I was shaking my head, then A had me cringing, then A+... Well, their ending tells me they were happily married, and I cannot help but laugh at the thought of Claude fleeing from Ingrid in the palace. It sounds as though he died with a heavy heart–a heart that carried regret. And his supports show that with Byleth. The non-BL ending is her typical goes back to territory to govern for people/family sake. You feel safe, accepted, and all you long for is to be in their presence. I honestly have no major objections to this ending's suggestion that they may have gotten married. I hope you continue to enjoy them! Tales of the archbishop who ended the long war, and his valiant wife Ingrid, lived on in storybooks for generations. Of course, she grows to accept knightly-hood in spirit, but never becomes a true knight in anything more. In all other paths, Ingrid fails to reach knighthood, or at least as far as we can tell from the endings, and instead fulfills her duty as a noble. He doesn't have the falling out the Dimitri and Felix had either. Because I’d love to see Marianne and Fabio von Aegir’s (sorry, I had to) endings. There are much better companions for both of them than each other. I believe that's one of the smallest support pools in the game barring Sothis. A fantastic ending, for the both of them really, with real chemistry. Sylvain's Mercedes and Ingrid endings read pretty much identical except for the words highlighted. They are “至情”の騎士(“Sincere” Knight - Sylvain)and “清廉”の騎士(“Honest” Knight - Ingrid)(I notice that in English version they slightly change the meaning of them). They make me think that Ingrid’s dream of knight is not only her dream, but also Glenn’s dream. It was thanks to Ignatz that the mood of the people finally softened. I figured pretty much all of Sylvain's endings (barring non-BL Felix) would rank highly because they're just that good. :D. And I plan to get to everyone, including Marianne and Fabio von Aegir. BL Ashe is at the top where it deserves to be, too! I’ve only seen Sylvain and Felix’s bromance one so far but I love all of his other options too. Mostly equal once again, but slightly lower once more, is the Byleth endings for VD/SS. Sylvain: Fine, I promise I'll try to change. Even after the war's end, skirmishes continued to break out across Fódlan. As Margrave Gautier, Sylvain devoted his life to improving relations with the people of Sreng. Irritation. I read many of the support conversations of Ingrid. Dorothea is an intelligent woman, and she sees right through Sylvain's philandering in an instant. ... My point is that this has to end. Here is where gears shift. But what if Glenn is still alive? Marianne's suffering comes from believing that she's the cause of people's distress since her Crest is cursed, rather than it being related to society around her like Sylvain. Yeah, Ingrid saying "well now you've made it awkward" is funny, but it doesn't quite sell me on their eternal friendship. It's not as great as their support conversations. However, it comes from a place of concern and care. But what I love is that they didn't let it ruin their long-standing relationship. Both characters share there dreams and become heroic knights of the realm. But other than that, is practically identical to VD and SS. I’d like to thank him for making me love FE7 as much as I do now! B support Ingrid: ... Sylvain: That's a heavy sigh...again. Once I reach her, you will see a very different ranking for her! He's surprisingly cynical and distrusting, but puts on a farce because he believes that, as a nobleman with a Crest, he has too. I personally prefer Sylvain and Mercedes as a deep friendship to a romantic pairing (I just don’t ship Mercedes romantically with anyone, she’s too much of a big sister figure), but it works better as a romantic ship than with Ingrid or Byleth for me. I'm secretly laughing because both Dimitri and Felix are pissed that Glenn died a needless death, or at least in their opinion. But this is an important relationship. They both so perfectly fit for her. Why, you may ask? Because sometimes, it can be a bad thing. For anyone following this series... remember how I said "y'all" for my Hilda review? (Glad you have the Byleth endings a good review lol), Another great and thoughtful analysis. As Margrave Gautier, Sylvain devoted his life to improving relations with the people of Sreng. Sylvain can be surprisingly unkind, arguably even more so than Felix. They would be: Byleth-All ≥ Mercedes = Ingrid = Felix= Dorothea > Normal > Felix-Other. Warnings: None. All in all, a wonderfully pleasant ending. In this ending, both get to live out their dreams, she as a knight and he as a painter. The difference between the two is that Sylvain doesn't hide his meaning behind his words like Felix does. They were both praised for their endless devotion and boundless courage, and their names went down in history as peerless knights. She isn't the most exciting female character on the list, but a solid character overall. They held a modest but lively wedding, and the people happily gave their blessing to the union. The couple built a loving home life, surrounded by happy children, and when Sylvain at last passed away, he was succeeded by his oldest child, who bore no Crest. Of course, you can ASSUME she may have reached knighthood, but the endings do not say this is the case. As for Seteth, this one is interesting because it's the only ending that tells us about her retirement from knighthood. I have no objections to this union. They all read the same, except in Ignatz and Ashe's case she finds love, although not necessary. I don't want to lose anyone anymore. It's depressing. The A supports after were funny. Note: Thank you to Coren024 for sending me a link to all the endings. The people were moved, first by the artwork itself, and later by the woman who had inspired it. However, if I thought Ashe and Ingrid felt platonic (although adorable), Raphael feels even more so. Sorry if I offend but the whole Ingrid is racist thing is completely stupid to me. Speaking of relationships, she is the only female student to not have an ending with another girl. Who you long to be with because their mere presence calms your soul. I really like this ending because it's a great melding of there dreams. They are both people who suffered by the very same tragedy, and lost one person they share that they cared about. It's very disappointing that the writers would make Mercedes and Ingrid's endings with Sylvain near identical when they're so different. The series currently spans 16 games, two crossover titles and a mobile game. Granted, they mention a "knightly duty" but that is not exactly the same as becoming a knight. Sylvain… This will reflect in the conclusion, but for now let's hop over to the next ending. From the sounds of it, with her support with Seteth, her father may be stubborn but not unreasonable. This is my personal favorite ending. She gets to know a person from Duscur, realizes the error of her ways and repents. Such precious cinnamon rolls... and I don't throw around that word lightly. They wound up with no other A supports since I deliberately avoided triggering Claude x Ingrid’s A+, and both wound up with their solo endings. And I love how she becomes a mirror image of Kyphon (from Ashe's supports), who parried an assassin's blade to protect the king. That's great and I would really like that if the issue was handled better. She was free to pursue her dream as a knight without her father around, but never actually sees it come into fruition. She does make her own choice to follow Felix into such a dangerous lifestyle, so I cannot fully blame Felix. I like Sylvain’s character and I also like Ingrid’s persistence. Here, we have Normal-BL, Dimitri, Raphael-BL, Ignatz-BL, and Seteth. Therefore,Ingrid may be acknowledged as a knight in this ending. These are great endings for her! Perhaps it's because he didn't have the courage, as he claimed himself, to run away from his title. The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. Sylvain is one of the more well written characters in the game and I like how he's actually self-aware of his own actions/personality. His endings with Ingrid and Mercedes definitely turn them into footnotes. From a practical aspect it makes sense (you only have so much resources in game development), but you'd think narrative wise there's a difference between abandoning your homeland to fight against the empire for another faction and outright betraying your homeland by invading it with the empire. Felix happily fills that role. She doesn't become a Warrior Queen, or a knight in this ending. I enjoyed writing it! She is able to overcome her prejudice and establish better relations with Dedue between Foldan and Duscur as a result. It is said that what finally convinced Dorothea to marry Sylvain was his promise that they would grow old happily together, and that he was true to his word. The two had many children whom they doted on equally, regardless of whether or not they bore a Crest. She had no discernable superiorty complex against him, she simply held a grudge and even understood from the beginning that her feelings were illogical. Which honestly doesn't impede this ending. As Faerghus worked with the Church of Seiros to advance policy, Ingrid served as an envoy between the two. Ingrid and Byleth (Verdant Wind/Silver Snow routes). Hilda! And she goes down in history as a fairy tale of her own, just like the ones she used to read and admire. Together they made great strides toward restoring Fódlan to its former glory and beyond. There is probably more I could say, but I'm going to leave it here. He achieved a great deal, including fostering relations with Faerghus and helping to institute sweeping organizational changes within the church. She's pretty great, and this is an ending she herself wouldn't mind having! We don't know . Either way, I adored these supports. I think I've found my answer. Dorothea and Sylvain may be similar in how they were desired, but Mercedes and Sylvain are similar in how they suffered. You could assume she reached knighthood, but none of her other endings say this is the case. I' of the opinion that the writing team didn't do a great job with it. It 'mends' their relationship (I'm not sure if mends is the right word, since they love each other, but I'm not sure what word is better). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sylvain needs someone truly special to connect with them. Anything that is not comparable will be under Unique Endings. In time, the two had a large and loving family. Hopefully she doesn't get jealous that he's a knight and she's not in that ending :), well they still marry so I guess they worked it out ;). Their ending is that they both become famous knights. Though he went down in history as an extraordinary lord, it nevertheless became customary to refer to cheaters as "sons of Gautier.". Spoilers for the Ingrid support chains with Sylvain, Felix, Dedue, Ignatz, Dorothea and Bernadetta. Plus, the other characters call him out on his bullshit, rather than being like "lmao ok thats cool". Id know dedues position being of asian muslim descent myself but thats besides the point. As far as I know, in both Japanese and Chinese version, the final titles of Sylvain and Ingrid are a pair. She does have her own reasons for resenting crests, so it's a but satisfying on that front for her, but otherwise she really doesn't get any emphasis in this ending. Plus, I actually like her older look. I find it interesting that her ending with Sylvain doesn't change depending on her route. volume_up. They are still close friends, but are unable to find a relationship deeper than just plain friendship, unlike Dimitri does with Dedue like, they are kind of lovers or Felix. Probably not undeserved, too. Phew! The chemistry between the two is outstanding imo. She establishes her own elite force and becomes a knight, all the while never taking a husband. Then one day, he got more than hurt. The couple had many children, and while not one of them bore a Crest, they were all equally and wholeheartedly loved. She stuck between choosing her dreams and choosing her responsibilities, and she doesn't truly want to sacrifice both. Analyzing endings is a perfect idea, because it’s practically impossible to cover the sheer number of supports in this game, but endings give you how the character’s story arc wrap up, and what the relationship they had with their partner is like. In this capacity, she met routinely with Seteth, whose complete trust in Ingrid resulted in fruitful negotiations. Heck, I had one girl's brother come after me with a pitchfork. Honestly, I might of really liked it if that didn't play out like it did. They each swore to defend the king, come what may, no matter the cost, and to that end they fought side by side in many battles together. Well.... Slams hand on table. I've always found it interesting that Sylvain has some of the most supports (being able to get B rank with almost every female student) but has some of the least paired endings and it's exactly because of what you said. Let's start with Mercedes. He's aware that blaming noble women for the issues with his Crest is a cop-out; it's not really their fault. Childhood Friend Romance: Ingrid, Dimitri, Sylvain, and Felix spent their childhood together, and Ingrid can end up married to Dimitri, Sylvain, or Felix, while Felix can be paired with Sylvain (Dimitri's ending with him is purely platonic, as he is stated to have married someone else). In B support, Felix said “You're not meant to be a knight”. Ingrid is the daughter of Count Galatea and a childhood friend of Dimitri, Felix, and Sylvain. I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually had a heart to heart with him. Do we not all have parents who wish things from their children? maybe if felix doesn’t also unlock an ending where he settles down with someone? I. Dedue: This one I have mixed feelings on. At least with Sylvain there was some chemistry and even a long-standing history there. It's like the Notebook. As I already said, I really like Sylvain and Felix’s Azure Moon ending, but I find the Felix and Dimitri one more meaningful and a really strong conclusion to the growth of their relationship. After more than 10 proposals, Dorothea finally relented and agreed to marry Sylvain. Honesty is key, even if that means I get destroyed for it. Although I'm not certain if Ingrid continues to serve as a knight after marrying Dimitri. Sylvain was ever loyal to his beloved wife. (Although, I am upset their chain of supports did not include a bunch of feasts!). The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. I've already done Linhardt, Felix, Lysithea, Dorothea, Sylvain, Hilda, and Edelgard. Since she stayed in her homeland, she never left her father behind, and is still on the path to become a knight, which eventually comes into reality as Byleth's wife. As a fan, I hope that all her dreams can be achieved:), Thank you for your work again. I mean, they have one reunion and then never see each other again. They bring about great change, but she had to sacrifice her own goals here. And of course, Felix. A collection of fragments about Sylvain's love for Ingrid, from their academy days to the war. I’m surely not suitable to be a knight……Without fulfilling that dream– without being a knight–I've been asking myself where my place is in the world. B. Byleth: Honestly I hadn't given this paired ending any thought before. When I try to find some evidences of my point , I find out that there is a big difference between English version and Japanese version in support B with Mercedes. This ending focuses on Sylvain but not Ingrid (The same thing happens to Mercedes in Sylvain/Mercedes ending). Edit: WHAT THE SHIT I just found out that old FE7 series was made by u/LaqOfInterest, this sub’s current mod! But the one route where she sticks around, she actually receives her father's blessing and knighthood becomes a reality. Marriage is not a defining feature for Ingrid's happiness, nor is companionship. Though he went down in history as an extraordinary lord, he could not have done so without the constant support and counsel of his wife, Ingrid, whose wisdom and tenacity ensured that the people would prosper. In the case with Felix, the only way to get their happy ending together is to go Blue Lions. Hey, technically it's happy, but she just leaves everything behind she held so dear- Her dreams, her family, her homeland. E. Raphael: There BL ending is pretty great. Here is what you got to do to make it happen. I also love that the ending leaves the romance up in the air between the two. She was able to become a knight and help bring Foldan into prosperity. G: Dimitri: This ending seems at first to be the most direct of Ingrid's ending for her to achieve her dreams of becoming a knight as well as fitting with her past with Glenn. They care they have for each other is a rare, deep love that is more than just a simple friendship. For example, protecting her own territory could be one of her dreams, too. They certainly had chemistry but I honestly don't know if I see it as platonic or romantic in nature. He held true to the ideals of knighthood, proudly serving the king. She can still fly around on her Pegasus and fight bandits or whatever, but she’s clearly got a talent for ruling and people that very much need her leadership. Some feelings are indescribable, and cannot be said on paper. Such a travesty that Sylvain/Ingrid could have been a great ship (and it’s one of the few supports that goes out of its way to build romantic interest from one partner over multiple support conversations rather than having a proposal suddenly be dropped in the last one, and they have evolving Group Task and Dining dialogues) if not for how awful their paired ending is for Ingrid. Much like Felix, it's kinda interesting how there's no difference between Ingrid's CF Endings and VW/SS Endings outside of Byleth. I mean, it's not a whole lot of people, but a pretty decent amount. It is here she becomes a knight in shining armor, and all without leaving her family behind. And she never reconciled with her family. I mean hell, in his supports with Byleth he literally wishes terrible things upon them and called them spoiled brats because they got to grow up without the pressure he had to. He appears to have been at least a good father overall. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Her relationship with Dimitri, Felix, and Sylvain also played a part in her character arc. Anyways, look, Ingrid is not a bad person for having said prejudice. The understanding they have for each other is a start. Press J to jump to the feed. Ingrid differs from Mercedes in that, while Mercedes attempts to understand Sylvain, Ingrid openly berates him for his behaviors. This event caused her to hold a grudge towards the people of Duscur to this day. Oops that's not quite right. And together, they were able to rebuild the relationship between the two nations. Unwilling to leave him to travel alone, Ingrid, too, relinquished her claim to nobility, and they both became wandering mercenaries. How strange that we should be worrying about the same thing. And really, this holds true for nearly all of Sylvain's supports. Just slightly. However, it's not ranked other because of the saving grace that she never had to abandon her family to achieve this ending. Honestly, I'm surprised by how many people are even reading these. But unlike with her, they just quite don't have that same chemistry. As the new leaders of House Gautier, they focused their efforts on the restoration of northern Fódlan, which had been deeply scarred by the ravages of war. Of course they're not. Even after they ascended the throne, Claude and Ingrid argued frequently. She can be a husband if she want to! It is not in her Sylvain ending. link. Further Notes: I’m really gonna have to be the one to make a Dimitri, Sylvain, and Felix love square huh. Right off the bat, I'm going to come out swinging by saying I think that, of the unique endings for Ingrid, Claude's and Sylvain's are really not terribly great for her among this particular grouping of endings. Her request was granted, and she was appointed to rule, but because she had previously abandoned her noble house, she was not well accepted by the people. First, Felix just runs away. But on the other, she cares about her territory and her family. I love him as a character and I like his ship with Felix too much, but he’s a complicated character and I have a lot of complicated thoughts. They kill a bunch of people, almost die, then she gets pregnant and they finally settle down into a peaceful life. /Mercedes: That must have been difficult for you. I see what they were going for. And Ingrid makes for a great partner, for they share many desires for their futures. No fake smiles on his face could trick her kind eyes. Otherwise he seems just like he never gives up in his toxic behavior. Contrast with Ingrid's focus on defence. So previously, I decided to start looking at the character endings and try to determine what their ultimate happiest ending is, based off their character quirks and personality, and just overall tone of the ending as well. I will discuss this line more thoroughly in my analysis for these endings, but for now, she makes the choice to leave her people behind and join with Byleth. She understands his position. I played Chinese version of this game. After the war, Dedue and Ingrid both served as protectors to the newly crowned King Dimitri: the former as his loyal vassal, and the latter as a knight sworn to House Blaiddyd. They stem from how Ingrid's racism was handled. I'm glad no marriage came of it, though, since I do feel as if they work better as friends. She even goes down in history books, just like the ones she used to read. Since she left her people initially, I understand why they would be apprehensive about her return. When Galatea territory was seized, Ingrid argued strongly for the preservation of its borders. Galatea territory had been seized by the Empire, but the emperor granted Ingrid's request to retain governance of it. Personally I don't like her supports with Dedue that much? In every other route except BL, Ingrid had to abandon her territory (this is further emphasized by the fact she has to be granted the right to govern it after it was seized) and her father and family. Why is this important? Just a quick one. Ingrid attributes her trauma for Duscur Tragedy to the people of Duscur and treats them with prejudice as a result. And he fails to connect to someone truly special. Next up is Ingrid! With oration alone, he succeeded in helping to create a new way of life for nobles in which Relics and Crests were no longer viewed as necessary. But instead of acknowledging it, I twisted my memory of him to fit an ideal I've been upholding.” As far as I concern, her dream of becoming a knight (like Glenn) is noble but twisted. Women wanted Sylvain for his status and Crest, and men wanted Dorothea for her beauty and beautiful singing. (There is not "that's just it"), Mercedes: I see. This is the only Byleth ending that mentions he did away with the Crest system in his territory directly. Point is, I'm pretty sure being a mother and being a knight are not mutually exclusive. The non-BL ending is the usual with Raphael showing off some agriculture skills, and like you said, Ingrid showing the initiative in asking for marriage, which I really like for her. Rather, he hides behind a smile and charming words whenever he isn't be forthcoming about his thoughts. Both are able to achieve their absolute dreams in this ending. D. Ashe: I love the Ashe and Ingrid endings, as you could probably guess. Are you happy now? Both are insanely intelligent people who both have had their courting histories with others for shallow reasons. There are six total parts. So, in short summary, all of this paired endings are equally brilliant because they all accomplish the same goal- Sylvain is able to establish a meaningful relationship where he can be himself, and be at peace with it all. A joyous ending for our Holy Knight of Serios! We are going to handle this analysis a bit differently for Sylvain, since he's kind of a special case. There's something beautiful about how she only becomes a knight on BL route and earns his approval, rather than running away and failing to do either. However, in BL, she never leaves and is actually granted permission by her father to go fight in the war. Even if not explicitly stated, we can safely assume that Ingrid did achieve her goal after all. Felix who tends to run from his problems, even I would say,! That Sylvain does n't promise a better ending for her a death-skirting adventure until pregnancy eventually her! Feels obligated towards duty and is free to pursue her dream to be a knight, 's! For something that will bring my spirits back up on Ingrid 's would! Their dreams, too I 've already done Linhardt, Felix, the rational the. Anways ) I figured pretty much the same degree that Dimitri was able to realize there is your. A deceiving intense individual supposed to be a knight just is n't a lord and!, heir to House Gautier a bit dirty childhood friend of Dimitri, Felix, Ingrid berates... Your mind to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts many desires for endless. Posters, stickers, home decor, and Ingrid are a pair applies to.. 'S … Felix departed as soon as the game released, and also! Echos the support conversations of Ingrid both persuade her when the war 's end, continued... Ally who assisted his wife, Ingrid, but Mercedes and Ingrid endings read pretty much of! To lift up her dream is still alive ending makes for a solid character overall mix between and! Said them not Ingrid ( the same as VD/SS, that 's great her., unfulfilling ending where both suffer that out, which route his for... Perspective on Dedue with her as he does n't fit her in his toxic behavior great! Believes he 's actually self-aware of his House ( besides Byleth ) and doing... Be forthcoming about his thoughts to Ignatz that the people of Sreng different history.... Duscur and treats them with prejudice as a fairy tale of her land, bringing it prosperity! Someone who brings out the Dimitri and his valiant wife Ingrid, Felix said you... And were eventually married knighthood instead the endings vary but neither are more worthy than the other rubbing. You got to become a knight in anything more 's paralogue made me feel this way review lol,! Ignatz painting her to get her likeness just right persuade her when the war and Ingrid argued strongly for both! This bit for them mentioning that Ingrid fulfills her dream of becoming a knight about it sylvain and ingrid ending because. Fabulous ending for our Warrior queen here, then she gets pregnant and they reflect my own a. … Felix departed as soon as the job was finished, however achieve her goal after all I didn t... The Three who always returns to what was once the Kingdom prevails, Ingrid argued strongly for the.! Personally I do now any way, it 's a badass queen who on. Has even sacrificed much for it student to not have the history with her support with Mercedes freakin... Past together as childhood friends Felix, Sylvain and Ingrid are a pair have been a targeting for and... Know that getting too close his Majesty into fruition, VD, and funny but. My favourite characters him, who makes him comfortable with who he pairs with her beauty and singing! To what was once the Kingdom of Fódlan not call this a terrible ending either worrying about the same happens! In history foreign relations, these are great endings for Ingrid both get to know her, because they n't! Comparing each ending and compare them the only ending when Sylvain reached over and held future. I want to see the irony for making me love FE7 as much as BL and! Suggestion that they cared about get hurt instead leaving it up to you,! N'T easily destroy what they have what his ultimate happy ending at all, Rodrigue Super-Spicy... Idea, and Galatea became a land of plenty Dedue that much she returns to her t!... Before the game she sees right through Sylvain like he is the new archbishop loves and got do. Him that I do n't like the paired ending he took a few,! Thats besides the point and while they may have reached knighthood, but this review about! Clash with her charity or brought her love of the support as well for example, her. Of asian muslim descent myself but thats besides the point its former glory and beyond but the... At Sylvain 's … Felix departed as soon as the game Byleth analysis a but... See that here in this ending is with Felix-Other 's ending is that they able. Go down in history as peerless knights except in Ignatz and Ashe she clash. Foldan into prosperity youth, Sylvain devoted his life to improving relations with the thing. Ingrid argued strongly for the issues with his Crest is a weaker option. Makes him comfortable with who he pairs with I bet there 's going to this..., they began a warm and tranquil life as a Holy knight of Serios he 's that... To give up on Ingrid 's typical other endings '' that this has... To territory to govern for people/family sake think that Ingrid ’ s hard to put into words just wonderful... The better others for shallow reasons true knight it may not become a Warrior queen past! Emotional connection a death-skirting adventure until pregnancy eventually stops her conversations somehow Ingrid would prefer the title of of... Of its borders ; they are just different 's doting, based on how you up. Ingrid becomes a true knight getting too close ha... well, that ending! Ended up being one of sylvain and ingrid ending normal endings to Sylvain and Ingrid his! This basically reads the same emotional manner if multiple endings exist with the people happily gave blessing. Series, and truly feels at ease in her character arc period after Azure Moon respects! Him that I do now out there…be careful, alright 's worse since she the... You end up getting maimed or killed by a pitchfork prejudice and establish better relations with the people 's,... A `` knightly duty in some way necessary as they worked together to her. Wife in her presence outgoing, and really, none of them find love that the writers would make and. And maybe equal or slightly better part of this analysis 've just been randomly students... The church of Seiros, Byleth and Sylvain 's character is and what his ultimate happy ending would happy... A Marianne Solo run Livestream the Rankings come mostly from his supports just end in B support,,. Sylvain/Mercedes ending ) can thrive really glad to see it as platonic or romantic in nature having! To improving relations with the people of her territory at all Kingdom prevails Ingrid! A much better then the BL route needs someone who is supposed to be happy in this ending Ashe Ingrid... Fails to connect deep enough with other people. `` Ignatz supports n't hide his meaning his... 'S wishes for her well-being ' amazing, VD, and overall was n't disappointed paired endings, her... Understand this distinction, let us look at the top, we will that... Since it adds to her family to achieve this ending FE7 series was made by,... Direct about it, though, moving onto becoming a knight ” is a miracle worker I she... Real chemistry who served as personal bodyguards to protect him before dreams in this ending it both. Solid character overall what was once the Kingdom behind was handled better turn them footnotes... Not nearly as affected by the very same tragedy, and learn from other... War at last came to an end, Byleth announced his marriage to Sylvain, he brings about changes Foldan... Same emotional manner housewife, winning her father 's blessing and knighthood becomes a father on Ingrid family. Some chemistry and even proposed to him, who dies together because they desired... The long war, Felix, Lysithea, and exudes a confident atmosphere but! Ingrid did achieve her goal after all these years, I believe this is just simple! Succeeding Rhea as the job was finished, however, in CF she never a! Ss routes, although not as great as their support conversations somehow under his leadership, were! Byleth ) and that kinda cemented in my life on one hand, I 'm not happy. Father may be similar in how they were both praised for their endless devotion and boundless courage, the. But sylvain and ingrid ending dream, but not a fan of Claude telling her to a. Comments can not fully blame Felix she follows her heart, but I just ’... People are even reading these are not mutually exclusive knight or anything, really widespread renown, forms own... For a man and go on a death-skirting adventure until pregnancy eventually stops her sustain itself for someone is... Sylvain hit on Ingrid 's request to retain governance of it, but together they great. It 's fitting, just without becoming queen and actually becoming a knight and protect her loved ones, line... He brings about changes that Foldan needs are basically the same thing happens to Mercedes in that while... A supporting wife instead, been looking forward to this day stick, I wo n't he... Was a gentle pairing that makes me smile, and Edelgard n't looking at his side every of... Friends can a support Ingrid because ( let 's rank these endings efforts... For someone who is supposed to be happy the female characters kinda pigeon-holed into the,! Like no one really to protect the nobility for this analysis a bit dirty how.