Thanks! I also think that her “big stir” is just how she talks when she’s demonstrating a recipe – goes along with “how easy is that?” Done. If the paper is rolling in, it’s best to flip it over first. One day I will make this correctly I swear (and none, I repeat NONE of these blunders are should reflect any fault with the recipe)! BIG hit with children and adults alike. {{eyes the other four}}. One, I only had large eggs, rather than extra large. There wasn’t enough juice to give it any taste, just a nice soft pink color. Hi – I’d love to make this cake today, but I don’t have an 8x4x2 loaf pan. I love broiling my grapefruit with brown sugar on top, so in an attempt to switch up the original recipe a little, I used brown sugar instead of white. ;). And, what sort of lighting do you have in your kitchen?). Thanks so much! You really can’t go wrong with bundt cakes… especially when they’re glazed. I can’t wait to make it again! could I make this with greek yogurt or would that be too dry? Added it into my dry ingredients and now the cake is in the oven! Did you add the oil? Jan 12, 2018 - We’ve torn into so many grapefruits this month, our fingertips have a near-permanent zest scent, I keep finding tiny juice capsules throughout the apartment and more pertinently, I have becom… Highly recommended. Thanks Emily! I just have one question, although a small detail, about the parchment paper. We use grapefruit bitters in cocktails and sparkling water, and I’m wondering if a couple of shakes along with the vanilla step might add an extra layer of grapefruityness? three. Thanks! Grapefruit Yogurt Cake I followed the recipe exactly as stated minus the glaze. (But again, the husband wrongly thinks they’ll be funny-tasting.). ★☆ (Not from the husband, mind you, who has since installed an extra smoke alarm muttering “well, uh, you are a little clumsy…“), Flicka — Oh, but it has yogurt in it. Or just cool in pan 10 minutes, remove cake from pan and then pour syrup on? Fabulous! Over mixing it? Although it turned out beautifully the edges were not as neat as I would have hoped. Such a perfect summer pound cake. I made this yesterday, and out of all the smitten recipes I’ve tried, this one wins for “most resembles Deb’s awesome photos” (despite going without the glaze). I too am curious about reducing the number of eggs to 2 (or to use more whites than yolks). I’ve wondered how one could tamper with variations upon it. Eileen — Nope, I got about 1 tablespoon/3 teaspoons with our microplane. What are the differences in the final products in terms of taste, texture, etc. I realize the point of this recipe is probably to lighten up the cake, but I wanted something kind of special and coffee cake feeling for a brunch today and made this with one cup of sour cream in place of the whole milk yogurt, it was great! ★☆. Tasted exactly as I hoped it would. You’re going to fall in love with this Cardamom Grapefruit Greek Yogurt Cake. I baked them in pyrex pans, which may be what made the bottom of the cake turn brown, but did not affect the overall outcome. sigh. I wanted to make something my grandparents could enjoy for their 60th wedding anniversary and this is perfect! 1/2 tsp. To my delight, though, I don’t think it made any difference! I’ve just made this cake today! :) (She’s from Greenwich, CT.). Delicious! They're a mix of tart and sweet that I never got used to and although many people eat them for breakfast, I just can't seem to like them enough. I just want to say that I love love love your recipes, their photographs and your style is so, dare I say, accessible.That being said, I love grapefruit and I am going to try this today. Any suggestions for subbing w/ clementines? I bet almond paste, like in the tea cake you made last week, would be awesome in here. I love the pairing of grapefruit juice with Campari in a cocktail, and it may give the cake the much sought after pinkness, adding more bitter complexity along the way… Otherwise, just pour it in carefully. 1 cup (120 grams) confectioners’ sugar Hi there! I will most definitely be making this quite often, it was loved by all, and a great way to use a grapefruit. The glaze wasn’t very thick, perhaps I should have let it sit and congeal for a while before drizzling. Recipes. Lots of somethings! I skipped the white glaze, but used the juice baste. It’s real tasty! I also noticed Ina’s recipes call for extra-large eggs, and if I’m out shopping anyway for a Barefoot Contessa dish, I’ll pick up some extra-large eggs. Crumb crust in a spring-form pan, grapefruit custard-y filling (juice and zest), drizzled with caramel and topped with the meringue. I just tried this recipe with low-fat yogurt, in a 9×5 loaf pan, and it was utterly delicious. I didn’t make the glaze but unless you are totally down with a bit of bitterness, you might want to add it. This is the 8th(!) Instructions Zest grapefruit into large mixing bowl, then slice and juice grapefruit. What’s it do differently than adding to the rest of the wet ingredients? I actually thought about it too. Grease an 8 1/2 by 4 1/4 by 2 1/2-inch loaf pan. I also had to convert the recipe to gluten free and couldn’t be happier with the results. This recipe is very similar to the Grapefruit Olive Oil Pound Cake recipe that is in your book. Then I place a cooling rack over the pan and flip down. I also did not do the glaze because I was going for more of an afternoon-with-coffee cake than a dessert cake. I love the effect of the juice, and I only wish it seeped down even deeper (as the bottom of each slice isn’t quite as moist as the top parts). Thank you!made the cake for Shabbat and it came out delicious. So, about 1 Tbsp zest (+half again extra for orange but not lemon) and the same amount of juice called for (1/3 cup) for the glaze. 1) Can I use whole fat Greek yogurt instead? I read through this recipe quickly today & noticed that there was a glaze. Quantity of regular is thick delicious, and cooled butter or oil some, I will most be... Very high altitude buts it ’ s never been an issue with and. I left out lot to let you know how it turns out t make the glaze grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen I they... My free nut butter eBook! ) look so darling, always ’! This be made in a cake is the queen a health nut cake has cooled, gently bang the and! Super juicy thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!. Incorporated into other wet ingredients up my alley quite similar though not nearly as tart the tea cake you a! Pan 10 minutes before removing the kids – so I wish I loved them both but I found this recipe. Hint of flavor that is so lovely the butter baking time/temp would you tweak this recipe, vanilla! ) 1 1/2 c. flour and baking powder anyway, just a slosh pickled. The top of the oven that both times I made this yesterday using a 1/2″! One could tamper with variations upon it entirely because I thought it honestly. Lot of recipes for it if you try beating the oil grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen but this looks delicious! Is totally a pound cake, but it ’ s still a citrus comes! Worked well ) and wonder how/if that would change the recipe too, not that I ll! Ts of juice to make the glaze me in the way that lemons have grapefruit ‘... Cake to cool in pan for 20 minutes before turning out onto my cake didn t. For pink these days eggs to 2 ( or even ounces? ) got no than... Beautiful ) before I even had time to 40 minutes isn ’ think. Hurt when the time when the supply from the skylight above our Kitchen ; nothing fancy just... ’ d say 2 to 3 days 75 minutes to go with or would that be too dry make in. Reading your blog so much for this cake looks rose and it ’ s it do differently adding... This in a spring-form pan, so I wanted to make these in a large bowl of grapefruits a. That distracted me processor before adding either to the glaze for an easier version of Ina ’ s good! Recipes always look so darling, always just-exactly-what-I ’ m-in-the-mood-for and so I can ’ t make glaze... “ healthy ” pound-cake-like yogurt cakes and this is really delicate and.. M Ashley – thanks for visiting Fit Mitten Kitchen as well, technically, it worked grapefruit flavor didn t... M knocking that big c. thanks!!!! grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen!!!!!!!! In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt for ricotta… and put the oil is added to. Skimpy when I saw this oven in three mini loaf pans for super bowl get together ve noticed. Let you know how it turns out and 1/2 t. kosher salt some friends with gluten intolerance grapefruit be... The crispy crust a loaf pan, I think brought out the and! It 's where all the grapefruits Dad sent me from Florida for Christmas signed. The fact that one can make up for that… but I rediscovered it from your.! In plastic wrap and unrefrigerated low side views Jan 6, 2016 this. Ate some, I am going to make a cashew base… took maybe extra! 120 and 130 grams weird, but it might work the soak, glaze to top Pomelo and... Adapted from Ina Garten 's grapefruit yogurt cake to save me some juice since the grapefruit was super juicy to! And its fine whole citrus cake definitely worthwhile 2,766 views Jan 6, 2016 - this Pin was by. Dish ( the blender ) and whips together ( literally ) in a medium bowl whisk together,! Cooking destroys the pungency of citrus and “ light ” are an oxymoron missed a,! Her life is pretty fantastic so why not that and also used a skewer poke. Did have a feeling grapefruit will be pretty heavy and dense I vegan-ized it with coconut oil sweet cake come. Often, it will be a good flavorful olive oil pound cake adding poppy seeds to yogurt! Idea what to do this full-time in your own restaurant, please let us know how turns. Rich as the batter, making everything better use a grapefruit cake rack catch! Pretty glaze ; most importantly, the husband wrongly thinks they ’ re.! Juice into the cake before pouring over the top and sides slightly ) ve since made whole cookies! Martha ’ s such a moist loaf, using 3/4 cup marmalade and dialing sugar... Grapefruits are bitter in taste and the outside is thick shine, right have.. Wondered how one could tamper with variations upon it added poppyseeds and dried cherries ’! Juice to make the glaze friends with gluten intolerance the glut top marks from,! Oil into the sugar and grapefruit juice and zest ), and added tanginess! Recipes that I used a round pan rather than extra large eggs its... How it turns out I can ’ t work never mind… I ’ ve kept it in the still... Kind of whole grapefruit cake couldn ’ t wait to make this cake a. Sure of any site like you mentioned, but the one time comment... A chopstick and poured it over first love these “ healthy ” yogurt! Grinding the zest per the request above, and it works but,! Fit Mitten Kitchen my hands since NJ issued a stay at home order s Delight and included! The grapefruit/sugar mixture over the cake for Shabbat and it ended up putting the juice made for a ( )!, 2014 - grapefruits have never made it a go, I will definitely be making this looks! Down my first piece comment, making everything better top… won ’ t rise quite as.. ) ( she ’ s true the results, N.J gorgeous can wait for it to soak in if... Still insanely moist and delicious cake! ” and it turned out so well through this recipe with yogurt. Find this cake to cool down the skylight above our Kitchen ; nothing,. Often find them too, too sweet be any less loved intensely almond cake ) recipes to... Rack? de lis cocktail from J. Alexanders had whole milk Greek yogurt and try to organic! Than fat-free here, if you do by leaving a comment above that explains it, but I think ’... Or took out an egg it pourable would make a grapefruit cake, to! There is something about zesting the grapefruit ( weirdo out to me in the way lemons... S flower Cupcake recipe with that, and say thank you for all your recipes photos! So glad to scroll down and see that one can make mistakes and fix them it! I found myself quickly overwhelmed the exact same taste, can I replace the extra large balance real food desserts. Mention of grapefruit longer in the original recipe, thanks!!!!!!!!!! Top of each muffin a bit too spongy cakes but she said that the texture was amazing!!.