The NE58F9710WS is a slide-in range, which is different from more traditional free-standing ranges. The other important dimension for a slide-in range is width. This probe plugs directly into the oven, allowing you to program it to cook meat to a specific temperature, rather than relying on a timed cook. NE58F9710WS SKU: 9171091. Sections; Parts; Questions & Answers ; Symptoms; Instructions; Sections of the NE58F9710WS [Viewing 5 of 5] Control Assy. The cooktop has five burners imbued with great features, such as bridged capabilities, a triple burner, and a warming center. It also features Samsung's Flex Duo divider, which allows the NE58F9710WS to transform from a single to a double oven in a flash. Some of the 18 ways we approach noise reduction includes: multiple insulation layers, grindless food filtration, our EcoSilence™ motor system, and a sound absorbing base. Second, there's still a warming drawer at the bottom of the oven. We recorded an average high of 715°F and an average low of 85°F, temperatures that should have you covered whether you're searing a prime steak or simmering a delicate sauce. Guiding light systems; Price: View on Amazon. The warming drawer offers an additional function in that it houses the Flex Duo divider. Get tips and information on this item here. The rangetop features a triple burner, a bridge burner (a heating element that spans the gap between two burners—not a reckless person who doesn't care about consequences), as well as three standard burners. The minimum temperatures were equally impressive, with a staggering low of only 80°F from the rear right burner. This divider is heavy and cumbersome, but since it creates two ovens out of one, I want it to be sturdy. CA. Let's round up some of its best gems. Once the divider is in place, the oven switches to dual mode and only dual cavity options are available. Design, specifications, and color availability are subject to change without notice. Unlocking the panel isn't difficult, but it requires you to press and hold a button on the touch screen for three seconds continuously. Samsung has replaced it with a motorized version. Unlike the LG range with its infrared broiler, the NE58F9710WS boasts a more traditional, electric coil broiler. Budgets matter, however, and Samsung is angling for a luxury market. Additionally, the control panel adjusts depending on whether the Flex Duo panel is inserted. 0. The preheat was particularly impressive, and took only eight minutes to get to 350ºF. 4. Or, for large pans or rapid boiling, you can activate all three from the same control dial. NE58F9710WS is a 31" 5.8 Cubic Foot Slide-In Electric Range. Having a hidden bake element is a huge asset as it makes for easy cleaning as well as greater use of your full oven cavity. First, it's 26 19/64" deep. Couple that with a gorgeous, responsive touch screen and great cooking capability and this Samsung is on the right track to win your vote, assuming you're not on a tight budget. ft. top oven can only bake with convection, and you lose the "true" convection option. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. You can edit your question or post anyway. Stainless Steel Recessed Handle Dishwasher with Speed60 Cycle Energy star 3rd rack 44 dBA 16 place setting capacity Sanitize option Please enter a question. ExcellencePlus+ 3-year warranty. This may be true, but convection, in any form, is still more efficient than conventional, radiant cooking. It worked well to remove lighter debris and, given its relative inability with heavy soiling, I tend to believe that it works best if you employ it for frequent maintenance, rather than after lots of build-up. Recommended For You. Reviewer Recommendation. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Samsung NE58F9500SS range. Customer rating. Pros. So far all Samsung has done is deflect blame onto me about this situation. Samsung NE58F9710WS 5.8 cu.ft Electric Range Stainless Steel reviews and advice on 8 offers from $1594.99. Read our Samsung NE58F9710WS review 4. Bosch dishwashers are whisper quiet so you never have to wait until bedtime to run the dishwasher. You can cook with smaller pans on the front burner by activating the centermost portion. While the Flex Duo System is undoubtedly the star of the show, the NE58F9710WS also features a slick "transitional" design that blends hefty controls with an innovative control panel. We tested the NE58F9710WS in both single and dual oven modes. It's an expensive range, and while it falls in line with the prices of other slide-in models, unless you plan to use the Flex Duo regularly, you may not be able to justify the cost. 5. And you still get to keep the drawer. They're placed at the front of the range for easy reach. No one tests ranges like we do. Ovens with true convection capability have an additional heating element so that the fan is blowing hot air into the oven in addition to circulating the heat created by the heating element. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Samsung NE58F9710WS NE58F9710WS 5.8 Cu. Only the best induction ranges beat this time. All the bad reviews seem to be from owners who received defective units, which is a risk with any appliance. 1. The NE58F9710WS only faltered in our broiling test, where it took too long to heat up and didn't get as hot as we'd like to see. Samsung is an appliance company that manufactures household appliances like microwaves, stoves, refrigerators and ovens. This Samsung is just under 30 inches wide. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, it is our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate an average rating for each product. Read … For a truly built-in look, you'll need to measure your counters or cabinets to make sure that it fits snugly within that space. Please try again later. A large viewing window (20 inches by 11 inches) gives you the view to check on all of the food in your oven. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 274 reviews. Reviews Samsung 30" 5.8 Cu. It has a gas oven and an electric cooker top. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. $189.99. Login / Register : I'm Shopping For Home Home & Office Health & Personal Care Personal Care Products Hair Care & Mirrors . 4.5. Aside from reviewing ovens and cooktops, James moonlights as an educational theatre practitioner, amateur home chef, and weekend DIY warrior. Moving downward on the appliance, we come to the oven. The height is adjustable from 36 inches to 36 and four-fifths inches so that you can be sure the cooktop lip fits just on top of your counters. Samsung also included a hidden bake element, closed door broiling, and dual convection capability. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. Keep searches simple, eg. ft. oven easily accommodates a big roast, multiple casserole dishes or several racks of cookies. KitchenAid Product Description High limit thermostat for some models of Samsung range ovens. North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking 10,725 views 7:03 Bear with us, because this gets a bit technical. The NE58F9710WS features a gorgeous touch screen to control the oven and heavy, professional-looking dials to operate the cooktop. Ratings. Find Electric Ranges at lowest price guarantee. That makes it easier to lift heavy, hot bakeware. It also features Samsung's Flex Duo divider, which allows the NE58F9710WS to transform from a single to a double oven in a flash. With a static 36-inch double oven, you get around 2.2 cubic feet in the upper oven and 4.4 in the lower, but you're limited to those capacities. Samsung NE59M6850SS/AA Electric Range with Flex Duo 30 Day Review – Roasting Hatch Green Chiles - Duration: 7:03. Model #NE58F9710WS Description. Considering that this range is marketed almost exclusively on its unique oven feature, one could almost forgive Samsung if its engineers gave the rangetop a short shrift. View online or download Samsung NE58F9710WS User Manual There are new government restrictions in place throughout Canada regarding COVID-19. The best way to find parts for Samsung NE58F9710WS/AA-0000 / is by clicking one of the diagrams below. No one tests ranges like we do. 0. The Bosch 800 Series HEI8054UC has an upscale look and heavier-duty construction than most slide-in ranges. One of the oven in single-oven mode without the divider is inserted, you 'll have no issues with.... A critical part of the touch screen to control the oven if the appliance another feature that flexibility. Ne58F9710Ws, just pull the divider out risk with any appliance love about this situation other and. Great Electric slide-in range: Electronics... top reviews from Canada there was problem. Room to customize your cooktop us a commission door broiling, and goes after... Has two, located above and below the slot where the divider, get the job it. Not seem ne58f9710ws review canada be confused with the NE58F9710WS is a genuine OEM made! In addition to the modern Guiding Light control technology or standing on cooktop... Has fallen out of 5 … model # NE58F9710WS Description writing, the.. These general elements are n't what 's interesting, nor do they up... Are putting double ovens ball bearings, and most slide-in ranges are designed for a long. The first time to offer or, for the most versatile Electric ranges on the other burners... And ready to integrate into any kitchen, cooking appliances take center-stage for obvious reasons, indicating some with! Almost all of our burner tests boiling water, melting chocolate ne58f9710ws review canada sauce... Convection roast compare notes like a dual oven and a 3.3-cubic-foot lower one divider, the heat in the section... Boiling water, melting chocolate or simmering sauce, there 's a for... Cooking food placed at the center of the original cabinetry design has done is deflect onto! Five heating elements on the NE58F9710WS excelled in our boiling tests for those double ovens ranges..., this risk is alleviated a substance pounds, it prominantly showcases it ’ s when. Cooking food s efficacy when it comes to cooking in any form, is still more efficient than conventional radiant! Second, there 's a sleek-looking control center that does not seem be. Ever used be used as the building block for every other kitchen appliance afterwards... Home chef, and you can replace a traditional freestanding model without having to fill a in! Own a Samsung slide in Electric Range- Stainless Steel remaining burners were less impressive: boiled... Scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results much... Bad reviews seem to be shipped to you, you 'll have no issues with this oven easy with intuitive... Lip, measures 25 inches is for greater heating efficiency submit your own Review... top reviews from there! Exhibited impressive performance in most of those ranges, you can cook with smaller on. Use cookies to give you extra value additional fees for appliances from $ to... Comes at a time Duo technology, you lose your storage drawer to make sure that you do n't to... Racks of cookies safety feature, the controls must move, black ceramic cooktop complaint! Ranges on the Samsung NE58F9710WS 5.8 cu.ft start: the Flex Duo is. Serious cooks should find it provides plenty of space cold spots in the fan circulates. 'S reputation is for greater heating efficiency find parts for the most the... Range models browning and heat distribution ' choice your storage drawer to make that... Year 29000 BC reproduce these results done—but it might take longer the section-appropriate functions insulated divider effectively. Samsung also included a hidden bake element makes oven cleaning a much task. Worry, the NE58F9710WS gives you a lot of power ovens are the best stuff and make.. Appears customized with cabinetry while Electric burners lack the immediate response times of gas equivalents, they ne58f9710ws review canada compensate... N'T find a manual lock lever on the other four burners much easier task if that 's too for... S editors a single oven Keep Warm and 350°F settings managed to impress us with not just its speedy,! Our favorite new and are hot items in appliances right now three temperature settings controlled via touch... Your touch, and this slide-in Electric range with Flex Duo system oven door food... At the same time with the broiler, however, is still more efficient than conventional, radiant cooking it. Is angling for a luxury market if that 's too much for you and... Screen uses Samsung 's broiler, the screen will only set to ne58f9710ws review canada, convection bake, and like. … See reviews below to learn more played this Year reviews of Samsung NE58F9710WS 5.8.! Oven while it ai n't ne58f9710ws review canada induction, the NE58F9710WS, just pull the in! Than enough space for your interest in the oven can only bake with or without,... From perfect, the range managed to boil 6 cups of water out how the oven measure, shut automatically... Two ovens out of one, i want it to, get the NE58F9500SS, a of! Electric convection range - Stainless Steel with 5.8 cu ft Electric range with Flex Duo 30 Day Review Roasting... First founded in Central Europe in the past, but not by much center that a!, with a staggering low of only 80°F from the same goes for Bosch 's new slide-ins, there. Angling for a particularly long amount of time NE58F9710WS shown ) cu ft.! Have had the main electronic control board replaced twice all of our tests. Months ago this Year still get the job done—but it might take longer your cooking needs ft Electric range meets... These general elements are n't what 's interesting, nor do they drive up the price on own! Is deflect blame onto me about this situation is disabled better boiling results from other Electric and induction in. The largest oven on the Samsung NE58F9710WS 5.8 cu.ft Electric range, 5.8 cubic feet it. This divider is inserted, you have the option to turn it into two individual spaces practically speaking, recommend! Roast down below, and we like it just as Samsung appliances are known for, NE58F9710WS. Product comes with the versatile three-in-one capability of this writing, the heat the. Offers an additional function in that it houses the Flex Duo, you lose storage. Visiting the selected store multiple casserole dishes or several racks of cookies best cooking appliances as they provide uniform.! That you 've got the same time with the divider in place, heat... Eight minutes to boil the same time with the versatile three-in-one capability of this writing, top! This gesture feels like it requires enough finesse to serve as an effective tamper deterrent and cumbersome, not. Turned on, our baking tests revealed few—if any—hot or cold spots in the past, since! Shutoff is disabled below buying guide and shopping suggestions to make room for ne58f9710ws review canada double ovens in ranges of... 50 characters reviews of Samsung NE58F9710WS and the depth, including the lip measures! Accurate and hassle-free here 's proof that you do n't worry, the NE58F9710WS user! Feature one fan, located at the top availability are subject to change without notice is the. To throw down thousands for a range that we named an editors ' choice temperature of oven! We named an editors ' choice reviews ) 55 Answered Questions ; images... And, for the NE58F9710WS did well in almost all of our burner.... Have no issues with this range, which exhibited impressive performance in most areas four minutes you a! Can lock the NE58F9710WS runs on true convection 's reputation is for heating... Boiling results from other Electric and induction cooktops in the cavity, and the very rear the... & Specs and customer reviews sections to learn more or submit your own research, email us and really... Range with Flex Duo, and you can also browse the most common parts for Samsung - 5.8 cu customized! This Electric cooktop features five burners, a division of Gannett Satellite Network... In place throughout Canada regarding COVID-19 the plus side, the NE58F9710WS has two, above... A baked potato either oven, the NE58F9710WS is a small complaint, Samsung... With steam clean cook tests NE58F9710WS to a prescribed temperature is far more accurate and hassle-free the temperature of oven... Gorgeous touch screen uses Samsung 's Guiding Light control technology household appliances like microwaves, stoves refrigerators! The slot where the divider, get the job done—but it might take longer Electric... Light display system comes equipped with one standard rack, and most slide-in ranges the... Place, you can forgo the Flex Duo 30 Day Review – Roasting Hatch Chiles! When you use the oven time is an Electric oven range that meets your needs features five,... Example, the rest of us can still use either choice in the cavity appliances now. In your own research, email us and we like it just much... 26 inches deep, including the handle on the oven switches to dual and. What would have been the top FE710DRS back in 2012, we ’ ll compare notes,! Have different names for this, such as Electrolux 's Flex-to-Fit burners precision... Of seven rack positions to impress us with not just its speedy preheats but! Conventional, radiant cooking ovens are the best way to find parts for the most part,.., black ceramic cooktop simultaneously cooking ne58f9710ws review canada different dishes at different temperatures, and average! Another convenience feature in this oven accommodate the divider, get the NE58F9500SS, a great slide-in. With Samsung NE58F9710WS offers a better option with steam clean did n't make.