This minimum wage applies to most employees. Download Notification of wages subject. For the most part, almost all employers and employees in Ontario are covered under the ESA’s minimum wage requirements. We're sorry but Ontario Newsroom doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Prince Edward Island. The minimum wage for liquor servers in Ontario is C$12.20/hour. Our expert team can help you navigate this. For 2018 (until september 30 2020) the province of Ontario as decided to make an increase in the minimum wage of 2.40$ over 2017, from 11.60$ to 14$ per hour. Please enable it to continue. Instant Payroll Quote # Employees* Frequency. The Employment Standards Act was previously amended to include a minimum wage increase in Ontario on October 1, 2020.. Up until this point, the minimum wage was set at $14.00 and will now be $14.25. Ontario Minimum Wage to Increase October 1, 2020. Interestingly, the rate of low income for the general population in Ontario was 9.3% in 2015 (Statistics Canada, 2018a), virtually identical to the 9.2% rate for those earning min- For students in the province under 18 years of age, the minimum rate will climb to $13.40 per hour. The increase is tied to the Ontario Consumer Price Index for 2020. For purposes of this paper, the most informative is to provide a picture of those who would be potentially affected by an increase in the minimum wage in that their wages fall between the old minimum wage and a new minimum wage (e.g., between the current … The minimum wage for hunting and fishing guides is based on blocks of time instead of by the hour. There are some exceptions to the application of the Minimum Wage Act 1983 and a small number of people with a disability hold an exemption permit from the minimum wage. Manitoba has separate minimum wages for security guards ($13.40 per hour in October 2017) and construction workers, whose pay depends on the type of work and experience. While minimum wage is always a hot topic, the issues of minimum wage Ontario 2020 is especially important to employers. Effective as of January 1, 2018. Exceptions and exemptions. Ontario Website. RCC is a strong advocate for retailing in Canada and works with all levels of government and other stakeholders to support employment growth & career opportunities in retail, to promote and sustain retail investments in communities. General Minimum Wage: $13. Ontario Minimum Wage Changes There have been a number of changes regarding minimum wage in Ontario over the past few years. While we ‘shop local,’ don’t forget about Ontario’s delivery drivers. Effective as of April 1, 2018. There is more than one minimum wage. View for more information. Minimum Wage – Ontario. There are a variety of ways of providing a picture of minimum wage earners. At an increase of just over 29 percent, the rise of Ontario minimum wage has made many headlines this year. Currently, federal-sector employees are entitled to the minimum wage rates set by their respective provinces, which in Ontario is $14 an hour. Effective Oct. 1, 2020, Ontario’s minimum wage will increase by 25 cents an hour for most employees. Minimum Wage in Ontario in 2018 will increase from $11.60 to $14.00 on January 1, 2018, and then again next year. That’s because Ontario’s minimum wage rates actually increased in October of 2020.. For industries that employ large numbers of minimum wage workers, such as leisure and hospitality, these changes could make a major impact on the bottom line. Download Notification of the recommendations on wage adjustments in 2551/2552 to private sector employment. Liquor servers in Ontario earn $1.50 less than the minimum wage but home workers earn $1.20 more. Valid in December 2020; The amounts are in Canadian Dollar ($). The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development enforces and promotes awareness of employment standards, such as minimum wage, hours of work, public holidays and other standards. Their stories of working way below minimum wage, COVID scares, and no washroom breaks PROFILE OF MINIMUM WAGE EARNERS IN ONTARIO Profile Issues. Pursuant to the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, the provincial minimum wage has been increased by 25 cents per hour. Date: August 27, 2020. So even if you get to keep money from tips, your employer still has to pay you minimum wage. Information last updated on … On October 1, 2020, the general minimum wage in Ontario will increase from $14.00 to $14.25 an hour. Each time a province or a territory raises its minimum wage rate, the federal minimum wage rate … The minimum wage rate is the lowest amount, per hour, that an employer must pay an employee, pursuant to the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000. Specifically, minimum wage will increase as follows: General minimum wage to increase from $14.00 to $14.25 per hour; Student minimum wage to increase from $13.15 to $13.40 per hour; and Visit us to learn more! The rates for student minimum wage as well as server wages are also set to increase. According to the government of Ontario, the current minimum wage, $14, will see an increase of $0.25 as of October 1.. Those working on the minimum wage will see their rates change to $14.25, students will see their $13.15 change to $13.40, and servers from $12.20 to $12.45. In contrast, Ontario’s minimum wage floor is set to jump from a current level of about 53% to an elevated 63% by early 2019. Province* GET YOUR QUOTE. And enforcement (from 2516 - present). Download Notification of the wage on the minimum wage (No.3) and explanation. The wage went from $11.60 to $14.00, with another $1.00 increase effective January 1st, 2019. Although the cost of living in the territories is considerably higher. Ultimately, the minimum wage is the lowest wage that an employer can pay an employee. Minimum Wage (No.2), and statement with tables showing the minimum wage. General Minimum Wage: $11.55. The highest minimum wage in Canada is currently in Nunavut, which sits at $16.00 an hour, according to CBC. In the Employment Standards Act (ESA), tips are not counted as wages. The Ministry of Labour has information about different minimum wage rates. The minimum wage, the lowest hourly amount that an employee may be paid for their labor, is determined by both state and Federal labor laws in the United States.Under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, states and localities are permitted to set their own minimum wage rates, which will take precedence over the Federal minimum wage rate if they are higher. So, Ontario's current $14 minimum wage will now be $14.25 as of October 2020. Ontario. Different types of minimum wage rates has more information on the different types of minimum wage rates: adult, starting-out and training. As importantly, the timing of Ontario’s plan could coincide with significantly slower economic growth: At almost 3% per year, Ontario’s economy has … Minimum Wage: What’s at Stake in Ontario According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Ontario, workers in Ontario who will benefit most from a $15 minimum wage tend to be women and immigrants, the vast majority of whom are adults; 27% of women and 42% of recent immigrant women would see a raise with the increase. Change to Ontario’s minimum wage is coming in October as an increase is expected for the first day of the month. Job category. The next scheduled change in 2020 may increase the student minimum wage to C$13.05/hour. Ontario raised its minimum wage from $11.60 to $14.00 per hour on January 1, 2018. General Minimum Wage: $14 Student Minimum Wage: $13.15 Liquor Server Minimum Wage: $12.20. And, for liquor servers, that 25-cent hike will raise their hourly pay to $12.45. According to a briefing by Sherrard Kuzz LLP in Toronto, general minimum wage will rise from $14 to $14.25 per hour on Oct. 1 until Sept. 30, 2021.. Student minimum wage will rise from $13.15 to $13.40. Minimum Wage Rates Increased for Ontario Workers. In Alberta, the minimum wage rate increased from $11.60 to $15.00 per hour on October 1, 2018 and, in British Columbia, the provincial rate increased from $11.35 to $12.65 on June 1, 2018 and will increase to $14.60 on June 1, 2019 and $15.20 on June 1, 2021. Under the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, minimum wage is rising by 25 cents per hour. WATCH ABOVE: Ontario is raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2019, ensuring equal pay for part-time workers and increasing the minimum vacation entitlement as part of … minimum wage earners in Ontario lived in a low-income family.5 In other words, more than nine of 10 Ontario minimum wage workers did not live in low-income families. Minimum wage with effect till September 30, 2021. 2020, Canadian, Federal & Provincial minimum wage tables for calculating payroll. The report is … When it comes to the southern provinces, only Alberta and British Columbia have higher minimum wages than Ontario. Effective as of April 1, 2018 View for more information. Minimum wage rates will also increase for the following employees: students: from $13.15 to $13.40 an hour Taken from the [2] Ontario Government’s website, this chart shows the recent changes, as well as the projected raises for minimum wage for several. Below are summaries of the minimum wage rates in Ontario for various types of employees and the general minimum wage rate for each of the provinces and territories. Explore this website to learn more about employee rights and employer obligations in Ontario. Former Premier Kathleen Wynne had plans to further increase the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour in 2019; however, the new Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, has repealed this additional increase to the minimum wage. Ontario’s general minimum wage is currently $14.00 an hour, but can vary depending on the industry and the type of work being carried out. The minimum wage for employees under federal jurisdiction is the general adult minimum wage rate established in each province and territory, as revised from time to time. Which employees must receive minimum wage? Effective October 1, 2020, Ontario’s minimum wage increased for the first time since January of 2018. Per hour: General workers Minimum wage with effect from October 1, 2020.