No restrictions. Theses are listed below. 5 trout per day. California Fishing Licenses Join us as we discuss the California Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. Refer to your copy of the 2019–2020 Freshwater and/ Join us as we discuss the California Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. No restrictions. Mirror Lake is considered a stream and is only open during stream fishing season. Please refer to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for current fishing regulations. Considered to be some of best “All Around” whitewater in the nation, the Main Tuolumne offers 16-18 miles of Class 4-5 whitewater rapids. Upper Tuolumne River: Last Saturday in Apr. 2019–2020 Supplemental Sport Fishing Regulations 3 This is a Supplement The regulations in this supplement supersede regulations listed in the 2019–2020 Freshwater and/or Ocean Sport Fishing regulation booklets. Merced River The Merced River has three special regulation sections. The regulations require single barbless hooks and artificial lures and flies only (no worms). Only barbless flies or barbless artificial lures may be used on this section of the Merced River. Moccasin Creek, at less than 1,000 ft. in elevation, is a good May / June bet. Fishing is prohibited from Nov. 1-Dec. 31 of each year due to the Salmon run. The river access is approximately sixty-four acres in size on one mile of river frontage with parking area with ADA spaces, restrooms, boat ramp, swimming, and picnic tables and fishing. The South Fork of the Stanislaus River and the North Fork of the Tuolumne River converge there, providing enjoyable fishing.. Alternate names for this stream include Clavey Creek, Big Canon Creek and Middle Fork Tuolumne River. Photo by Adam Blauert PG&E River’s Edge Fishing Access: This access point is 6.2 miles beyond Snelling, next to the PG&E hydroelectric plant. Stream waters, meanwhile, have been closed to fishing for six months. The Tuolumne River below Hetch Hetchy offers very good fish in the late season. Turn left on Lake Road and drive 10 miles to Turlock Lake SRA. Guptill is a social science teacher at Grace M. Davis high school and has been a coach for many years. Like right where you are standing - yes, there. Fishing Regulations. Located in a remote, forested area just West of Yosemite National Park, the middle fork of Tuolumne River is a steep, rocky stream with pools and riffles. Fishing is … You’ll need a California fishing license and either some light spinning or fly-fishing gear. Bait fishing is prohibited. Other Rivers and Streams within Yosemite National Park: Last Saturday in Apr. Chris Guptill Chris Guptill is married with two sons and lives in Modesto. Consult the DFG’s fishing regulations to make sure that you are in compliance.This access point may be closed seasonally, even when fishing is allowed. Parsons Memorial Lodge, a national historic landmark sited near the Tuolumne River, commemorates the significance of this free-flowing segment of the river in inspiring conservation activism and protection of the natural world on a national scale. Fishing at Tuolumne River? Side streams such as the Clavey River, Big Creek, and the North Fork of the Tuolumne offer side hikes, fishing holes, and warm swimming pools during the … Fishing Near Pinecrest. Discover what species are most popular in Tuolumne River, and what gear has been used. is located on the Tuolumne River at Geer Road. Be sure to use barbless hooks and abide by Department of Fish and Game regulations. Rainbows, Brookies, and Brown Trout inhabit this section of the river. He is a graduate of Humboldt State University. through Nov. 15. Maps show the location of vessel sewage pumpout facilities and pumpout stations. Late season the Tuolumne below Hetch Hetchy offers great fishing but is a haven for rattlesnakes. Highway 140 Lakes, rivers and streams can all be easily accessed by vehicle or for the more adventurous by foot. Farther out in the surrounding country is Herring Creek to the northeast and Bell Meadow and the Birth Rock country to the southeast. Trout limit is two per day or two in possession. 10 trout in possession. For superb trout fishing, one can visit highway 140 in Mariposa County from 4½ miles below Briceburg to Foresta bridge at El Portal. 5 trout per day. California Department of Fish & Game; 2011-2012 Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations; 2011 Fly Fishing Specialties; South Fork Tuolumne River; 2011 Writer Bio Joining in the middle of Tuolumne Meadows are the two forks of the Tuolumne River, the Lyell and Dana forks. A moderate gradient with large pools and a boulder-filled channel. Jim is an avid fly fisherman and first encountered the Tuolumne River on a 1970 camping and fishing trip at Tuolumne Meadows. Merced River - A Boating Trail Guide to the Features a map of the Merced River Canyon. Tuolumne River. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the Fishing Spot is open to the public, and respect all signs … Pinecrest Lake makes a great base for launching a variety of day fishing outings. Nearby: Lodging Camping Dining. Fishing Regulations. These two rivers use standard Sierra district regulations. The geology here rivals Yosemite Valley and the river supports a healthy populations of wild brown and rainbow trout. The Tuolumne River forks above Groveland are easy to get to but not usually very productive in the early season. ... Pardee Lake is located on the Mokelumne River. 10 trout in possession. The South Fork of the Tuolumne River features easy fishing access where you can pursue a mixture of planted and wild trout and remote reaches to to get away from the crowds and catch wild rainbows and browns. For other trout the limit is 5 per day. Fishing is typically open on weekends, Wednesdays and legal holidays from December through early March. This section of the Tuolumne River flows through a remote and roadless area in Yosemite National Park. Browns and Rainbows offer a good potential to catch larger fish. Tuolumne River from the O'Shaughnessy Dam downstream to Early Intake Diversion Dam: Maximum size limit of 12 inches in total length. Address: 22600 Lake Road, La Grange CA 95329 Similar restrictions are in place at another favorite spot for anglers in Yosemite National Park: the Tuolumne River downstream from O'Shaughnessy Dam at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in the northwest corner of the park.For more details, stop by park visitor centers to inquire about the most recent fishing regulations. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public. Most of the anglers that visit Lake Pardee fish for Rainbow Trout, both from shore and from boats. For the most part, fishing regulations for Yosemite National Park follow those set by the State of California, including the requirement that people 16 or older have a valid California fishing … Watch out for logging trucks. Lakes within Yosemite National Park: Open all year. Monterey – SLO – Santa Barbara, -Vessel Pumpout Locator Card. Dry Fly Fishing is the best technique and most fun method in the meadow section. This is listed below. The Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River might be the place to consider. That said, accessing this remote canyon won't come easy. In addition to a fishing license, steelhead anglers must have a valid steelhead report card, available at fishing and sporting goods stores. Includes information on the history, wildlife, and fishing and fire regulations of the area. It's a very diverse river that has both freestone and tailwater sections with good populations of wild trout. NOTE: This supplement does not contain a complete set of fishing regulations. In Waterford, turn right on Hickman Road (county road J-9) and drive 1 mile to Lake Road. Please refer to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for current fishing regulations. From Modesto take Highway 132 East 14 miles to Waterford. Tuolumne River, Middle Fork Tuolumne County Car Accessible Driving Directions. The cost for an annual residential sport fishing license is just over $45 and is good from date of purchase through the end of the calender year (for now anyway). While the main stem Tuolumne has decent fishing, it runs close to the road near the visitor center and then quickly descends into an inaccessible canyon. On the Merced River from Happy Isles to the Foresta Bridge in El Portal it is catch and release for all rainbow trout. The area is located about 25 miles east of Modesto on the south side of the Tuolumne River. Fishing Yosemite: Merced River Special Regulations. I've been a former seasonal park ranger and devoted fan of Yosemite National Park going back some 25 years. Fishing Location - Tuolumne River, Middle Fork. With the Brown Trout going up to approximately 14 inches. The river access is approximately 64 acres in size on one mile of river frontage with parking area with ADA spaces, restrooms, boat ramp, swimming, picnic tables and fishing. There are several reaches of the river that are worth exploring. Numerous fishing opportunities exists within just a 20-minute drive from Sonora. Participants learned the history of the park, how to be safe near and on the river, wildlife of the Tuolumne River, and fishing/casting basics. Fly Fishing Tuolumne River in Tuolumne Meadows This trip is a welcome reminder that great tresure lies buried directly underneath your feet. Fishing Information Popular Fishing Spots by Highway. through Nov. 15. The Tuolumne River is hidden within the tall grasses of Tuolumne Meadows. View our Tuolumne River fishing map for more info. The rich archeological landscape along the Tuolumne River reflects thousands of years of travel, settlement and trade. On an early Saturday morning in August, 50 riverside community residents, youth and community partners gathered at the picnic area in the Tuolumne River Regional Park for California’s Free Fishing Day. The waters of the Merced River above the Happy Isle footbridge follow the general California fishing regulations. Fishing: The Tuolumne has a lot of rainbow trout and the fishing is pretty good. Stanislaus River, Middle Fork, lower Tuolumne County Car Accessible ... Dam downstream to Sand Bar Diversion Dam, catch-and-release from there downstream to New Melones Reservoir, check Sport Fishing Regulations. Tuolumne River The Tuolumne River has one special regulation section. ... Tuolumne River. The Tuolumne River flows through the upper eastern side of Yosemite at an elevation of about 8,600 feet. However, one must be careful here, as this place is home to many rattlesnakes. All lakes and reservoirs are open to fishing year-round. The Lyell and Dana Fork of the Tuolumne River are a great place to start. The Tuolumne River flows for about 150 miles from the Central Sierra Nevada, into the Joaquin River near Modesto, California. The forks merge in Tuolumne Meadows which is the best known and most popular section. Cultural & Historic. The San Joaquin River watershed has contributed up to a third of the total Central Valley salmon run as recently as 2017, if one counts the Mokelumne River as a San Joaquin River tributary and includes its large hatchery contribution. River and Stream Fishing *Click on image to enlarge.